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My name is Hilda Rosario:

First, I thank God for the opportunity to reach out to all of you, and to my family that are the engine of this business Sweet Dulce Vida.

In this business we’re a family team, starting with my husband that supports me 100% and is always ready to help me.


My sons, when they say they’re proud of me, it gives me strength to keep going and to conquer every home with our product. Sweet Dulce Vida was created with great effort, love and dedication. I’ve always liked confectionery, sweets and flowers are my passion, they’re the perfect combination, the chocolates with strawberries and their other combinations are something amazing. Everytime I make an arrangement I think about the happiness of every client that receives it. I put all my love for them to enjoy our sweets and flowers.


I give my thanks to all my clients who were there since the start of Sweet Dulce Vida. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and remember, never stop dreaming.

I hope to reach each home and leave the name of Sweet Dulce Vida in each person that wishes to make someone else happy with an arrangement like this.

I hope to give my best for all of you.



Description of our business.

Terms and conditions of our products, flowers and fruits!


Our fruit arrangements, especially the strawberries, are 100% fresh, we recommend you to eat every consumible arrangement immediately after receiving them. In the case of not consuming it immediately, you must keep it inside the original wrapping and put it inside your fridge immediately after you receive it. Once you have opened up the original wrapping, you must remove the fruits from the skewers, save them in an airtight recipient and/or refrigerate it immediately.


All the chocolate-bathed fruits that are 100% fresh, and the rest of our products that are submerged in chocolate can be bought with any type of chocolate you want. We have semi-sweet chocolate, not-that-sweet chocolate, dark chocolate and every color.


We have, and try to have, every flower in season, always trying to have them as fresh as possible when you place an order on Sweet Dulce Vida. With flowers, you have to take into account that they have their own life; we can’t guarantee their durability. We always recommend our clients to keep them hydrated and in fresh places. From our side, we give you the most fresh products possible so you can be satisfied with your purchase.


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